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Why We Love ERP (And You Should, Too!)

Topics: CRM, ERP, Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 12:30:00 PM by Macola

Yes, we love ERP. We want to shout it to the farthest industries in the world who are still using clunky, disparate software applications to run their human resource departments, accounting offices, warehouse logistics and customer service departments. We love ERP and you should, too!

Why do we love ERP? Let's talk about its benefits. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software package that integrates all digital information and data into one uniform program that is used throughout every department of a company's operations.

Information within an ERP system is stored and updated in real time by every person who accesses it. This means that vital and current data is available for use by your accounting, sales, customer service and warehouse personnel. It improves the efficiency and quality of shared data throughout your organization.

Need more convincing? Think about this: because ERP allows employees to access and share the same data, it reduces the possibility of duplicate information, freeing up server and data center resources. In addition, it lessens the likelihood of using outdated or incorrect data.

Perhaps one of our favorite benefits of ERP is cross-departmental collaboration. For example, when a customer orders a product from your sales department, the accounting personnel can immediately make the charges to the customer's account based on this information. The warehouse personnel can see the order has been processed as they can begin shipping processes. If the last item has been sold, the customer service department can contact the customer immediately and offer a substitute item based on the customer's preferences noted in the records updated by the sales department.

Departmental collaboration, data resource management and accurate real-time information are just a few of the reasons why we love ERP. Need more reasons? Feel free to contact us!

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