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New Release - Macola 10.5.1

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 11:15:00 AM by Nick Mears

Macola 10.5.1 Continues Macola's Focus On Accessing Key Data Wherever One Works

Exact is excited to announce the Macola 10.5.1 release.

The new Macola 10.5.1 release continues upon Macola's new tablet-led user interface, providing manufacturers and distributors an improved user experience across multiple devices.

10.5.1 also continues Macola's focus on accessing key data wherever one works, providing real-time insight into both inventory and the shop floor, as well as increased efficiencies through reduced data entry and faster search.

Macola 10.5.1 is based on real user feedback from the 10.5.0 release, providing the user with additional Order Entry and Order Inquiry capabilities. 

"At Macola, we don't believe our work is done when a release is delivered. Instead, we actively seek customer feedback and search for ways to improve our work. 10.5.1 is a direct result of feedback from our users to improve our existing features and make enhancements that bring immediate value to our customers." 

-Derek Ochs, Director of Development

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New Release - Macola 10.4.3

Posted on Feb 7, 2017 10:25:43 AM by Nick Mears

Macola 10.4.3 Includes Features that Enhance and Automate Core Business Processes

Exact is pleased to announce the general availability of Macola 10.4.3, an enhanced version of its ERP and business software.

Organizations can take advantage of the software’s new features, which include core enhancements to its API functionality as well as enhanced WMS tracking and payroll capabilities. These enhancements extend to manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies the tools and processes they need to automate and grow their businesses, while delivering the data and insights they need to make better business decisions.

Macola 10, a single and flexible solution, is designed to respond to the current and future needs of fast-growing manufacturing and distribution organizations through automation and management of core business functions, including product manufacturing and distribution, accounting and finance, document management, project management, CRM and human resources.

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