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RF Technologies Upgrade to ECi Macola 10

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Posted on Jan 20, 2016 10:00:00 AM by Macola

RF Technologies is a leader in RF safety and security solutions within the healthcare, education, and hospitality marketplaces with over 10,000 installations nationwide. Their products protect the safety of residents, patients, staff, students, and guests every day. RF Technologies has been with ECi Macola since 1991, utilizing ECi Macola Progression.

ECi Macola Solution Provider, The Donas Group, started working with RF Technologies in 2014 to provide support and get their current software working properly in their environment. RF is growing rapidly and realized that they needed to streamline their current processes as well as address problems they were experiencing with all of the changes that had been made to their system over the years.

The Donas Group met with their staff to discuss the new functionalities and cost savings that upgrading to ECi Macola 10 could make for their organizational growth. During the demo of ECi Macola 10, the team at RF Technologies was thoroughly impressed with the new solution, especially with the workflow and project management functionality. They also saw value in automating many of their labor-intensive manual processes.

This year, the Donas Group has been installing and migrating RF from ECi Macola Progression to ECi Macola 10. The project also includes automating the generation of documents back to their customers and replacing their existing CRM product with the SynergyExpert.com CRM EventPak.

The entire staff at RF Technologies realizes how ECi Macola 10 will benefit their organization with increased functionality, elimination of multiple data sources and the ability to standardize workflow processes.

We look forward to exploring more solutions in the future!

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