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Introducing a New Podcast Series: "Winning with ERP"

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Posted on Oct 26, 2017 10:00:00 AM by Nick Mears

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Podcast #1: "ERP for the 21st Century"

The First in Our New Podcast Series

We are proud to announce the first podcast in our new podcast series, "Winning with ERP".

"Winning with ERP" is a new podcast series that explores how successful manufacturers and distributors are succeeding with ERP. For over 40 years Macola has helped manufacturers and distributors maximize efficiencies and profitability--and now we'd like to share some of the ways that we've helped businesses succeed with ERP.

The first podcast in this series is "ERP for the 21st Century." This podcast explores how ERP can be helpful for you--no matter the industry you're in--as long as you have data and processes to manage.   

In "ERP for the 21st Century," we examine a few popular trends in the ERP workspace and discuss how they might be most beneficial to you:
  1. Moving from Reactionary to Proactive
    The earliest and simplest forms of ERP were very basic, very reactionary, and oftentimes, very manually intensive. ERP used to be a transactional piece of software, which was based on inputting and receiving basic information.  But through the years, new ERP has evolved into an interactive, proactive solution that not only eliminates many formerly manual tasks via automated processes--but also has evolved into a solution that can predict future outcomes. 21st century ERP is quickly turning into a proactive solution, helping you manage for improved efficiencies and real-time business decision making.

  2. Key ERP Trends 
    Business intelligence, big data, user experience (UX) and security. See how configuration wins over customization--replacing the dreaded ERP "version lock" with versatility and intelligence. Learn how to mine the data that you already collect for predictive purposes. UX isn't just for Apple products anymore, but applies to ERP--making ERP more beneficial to its end users. Think transactional menus via workspaces and visibility into real-time data for better decision making. Security: believe it or not, manufacturing is the 2nd most targeted industry, second only to healthcare. Data security and role-based permissions along with other ERP-related security measures help you to ensure your data remains safe and secure.
We look forward to releasing future podcasts in this "Winning with ERP" podcast series. And remember, no matter what industry you're in, if you have data and processes to manage, ERP can benefit you. As a side note, if you like this podcast, please share this with your colleagues. They just might thank you for it.
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