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New Release – Macola 10.5

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Posted on Jun 14, 2017 10:00:00 AM by Nick Mears

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The tablet-led user interface delivers manufacturers and distributors an improved user experience on any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The 10.5 release also has improved visibility and 3rd party control across the supply chain. This allows Macola to continue focusing on real-time insight into both inventory and the shop floor, as well as increased efficiencies through reduced data entry and faster search. Macola 10.5 offers over 100 enhancements & quality fixes while advancing Macola’s core principles: out of the box configurability, integration between business functions, personalizable views, anytime and on any device.


Macola 10.5 New Features and Benefits

With Macola 10.5, a tablet-led approach refreshes its user interface while offering a stronger experience on tablets—in addition to the desktop. Now, Macola 10.5’s responsive design automatically adjusts to format for the best user experience on whatever device is being used. Mission-critical business and operational data can now be accessed on the fly on mobile devices by users, synchronizing in Macola 10 in real-time. This especially benefits order processing and inventory management, giving the user a holistic view of the operation and inventory levels, from anywhere and on any device.

Macola 10.5 also enables the user with new functionality, helping them to become more efficient, accomplishing more in less time—many times within a single screen. This includes new search functionalities like type-ahead search that reduces manual data entry, infinite scrolling and sortable table columns.

“In any given day, our customers may be on the shop or warehouse floor managing operations, out of the office visiting customers or suppliers, or sourcing new materials. The latest update to our ERP and business software is focused on empowering users to more efficiently and seamlessly access the information they need to do their jobs, wherever they are at the time,” said Derek Ochs, director of development, Exact, Macola division. “With Macola 10.5, we are matching our software to the way our customers do their jobs. In the end, if Macola is truly doing its own job, the user hardly knows the software is there.”


Order Entry

Order Entry Wherever You Go

Create, delete and edit orders and quotes in real-time at your desk or on your tablet. This includes responsive design that allows for use on tablets and other mobile devices as well as a web browser. Also, you can view, add, delete or edit orders in real time, wherever you are. Please watch our new Order Entry video to learn more.        

Watch the Order Entry Video


Order Inquiry

A One Stop Shop to View Order Detail

A single screen to view, delete and edit orders in real time wherever you are. From this, you can search for orders in 6-7 different ways (depending on filing, date ranges). When you find an order, you can view, edit, or delete. Consolidates multiple Order View and Order Inquiry screens into a single location. Please watch our new Order Inquiry video to learn more.        


 Watch the Order Inquiry Video


Item Snapshot

Item Inventory at Your Fingertips

A comprehensive view across multiple inventory locations. This includes nearly all functionality of current multi-level item view—which has been renamed to "Item Snapshot". Item Snapshot allows you to look at nearly everything you need to know about an item across multiple divisions/locations, part number inquiry, etc, and Item Snapshot replaces 16 screens!

Item Snapshot also provides you with:

  • A single search across multiple locations/divisions for a single inventory item
  • A search by: Division / Item / Description / Location—all in a single screen!
  • Ability to drag & drop fields to personalize to one’s needs
  • Ten tabs that include detail regarding: Item Location / Item Bin / Open Customer Orders / Open Purchase Orders / POP Orders / SFC Orders / In Transit / ATP / Bill of Resources / Item Kit
  • Provides lists quantities for: On hand / allocated / back ordered / on order / on order PO / in transit / recorder level / available 6. Product Usage Trends: Arrange, reorganize how you want, add filters

Please watch our new Item Snapshot video to learn more.


Watch Item Snapshot Video


API / Web Services

“A Smarter, Quicker Supply Chain. Seamlessly integrate your supply chain with 3rd parties.”

API / Web Services, REST-based objects, that 3rd parties/business partners can consume for both the Shop Floor Order and Bill of Materials. Both improve visibility and control of the supply chain by integrating 3rd parties.



Accolades for Macola 10.5

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself the praise that 10.5 is earning…

New UI for Macola 10.5: More than Just a Pretty Face
“Macola 10.5 is not only striving for clarity, but combining the best features of your different worlds – smart phone, tablet, laptop, email, ERP, etc. – whether you are at your desk or on the move.”
-Mint Jutras

Macola 10.5 ERP Release Adds Sizzle with Usability and User Experience Enhancements
“The new version of Macola’s software features a rethought design philosophy that simplifies the interface and makes it more mobile-friendly.”


Exact Announces New Release of Macola ERP and Business Software
“…adjusts to format for the best user experience anywhere, on whatever device is being used, and access to data with updates synchronizing within the application in real-time…includes new search functionalities like type-ahead search that requires less data to be entered than before, infinite scrolling and sort-able table columns.”

-The Wholesaler


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