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New Release - Macola 10.6.1

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Posted on Dec 15, 2017 11:30:00 AM by Nick Mears

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Macola 10.6.1 Continues Macola's Focus On Accessing Key Data Wherever One Works

We are excited to announce the Macola 10.6.1 release.

The new 10.6.1 release continues Macola's focus on the mobile user while delivering an improved user experience and deeper functionality across multiple devices, especially tablets, that are favored by manufacturing and distribution companies.

Macola 10.6.1 empowers users to access key data wherever they work, provides real-time insight into inventory and shop floor information, and increases efficiencies through reduced data entry and faster searches.

About Macola 10.6.1

Macola 10.6.1 includes over 70 enhancements and updates that help to advance Macola’s main principles: visibility and control of enterprise processes; configurable views into real-time data; integration between business functions; and accessibility at any time and on any device.

The key enhancements of Macola 10.6.1 include: 

  • Macola workspaces: new Macola workspace report Order Audit by Order Number. This new report allows you to see what was changed on OE Orders, including the date/time and user that made the change.

  • Macola client desktop application enhancements:
    • P/R: Sick Time Used and Accrued Added to Check Stub and Advice
    • P/R: Field added for qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangement
    • P/R: Earned Income Credit Fields are now Display-only
    • P/R: EIC Fields Renamed as Verification Code
    • P/R: EEO-1 Employer Information Report Changes

In all, 10.6.1 continues upon Macola's ability to provide manufacturing and distribution organizations the tools and processes they need to automate and grow their businesses while delivering the data and insights they need to make better business decisions. To learn more about Macola 10, please join us for a Macola 10 demo or schedule a call here to see how Macola 10 can help you.

How to Download Macola 10.6.1

To download or to view install instructions as well as a complete list of enhancements and updates for Macola 10.6.1, please see document 28.225.967 on either the Customer Portal or on the Partner Portal. You can also download the 10.6.1 Requirements Fact Sheet to review the technical specifications. 


If you have additional technical questions, please contact the Customer Support team:

Phone: 1.877.392.2879

Email: Support.NA@exact.com


If you have any sales questions, contact our Sales team:

Phone: 1.800.468.0834

Email: mgs-sales@exact.com

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Macola 10 Demo

Learn how Macola combines out-of-the-box configurability & personalization with anywhere access.

By integrating core business functions—manufacturing, project management, distribution, quality management, accounting & finance, human resource management, CRM—Macola streamlines business processes through automated workflows, document management and personalized workspaces.

In this demo, we will review the Macola 10 solution and discuss the six key benefits Macola can bring to your business:

  • A single solution with all-inclusive value
  • Configuration instead of customization
  • Flexible purchase options
  • Anywhere web & mobile access
  • Increased efficiencies with automated workflows
  • Personalizable views into the data that matters the most to you

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