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Macola Supply Chain Optimization (Macola SCO)

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Posted on Jan 30, 2018 1:45:00 PM by Jessica Boucher

Identify Process & Cost-Saving Strategies While Establishing & Improving Key Metrics


Over the next few months the Macola Consulting team will be highlighting several service packages designed to meet your ever-changing business needs.  Our first service package of 2018 is Macola SCO (Macola Supply Chain Optimization). 

With Macola SCO, you will be guided through a series of workshops that our experienced APICS and Lean Six Sigma certified consultants will help you identify process improvements and cost saving strategies while establishing or improving upon key metrics--all with your success as our number one priority. 

Macola Supply Chain Optimization

For over 40 years, Macola has helped manufacturers and distributors around the world address core business functions, including manufacturing, project management, distribution, quality management, accounting and finance, human resource management and customer relationship management.


Macola is meant to be more than just a software system to process daily transactions.  Instead, Macola can become the backbone of your operations. 

Also, as the rate of technology development reaches an all-time high, so too does the need to adapt.  Enter Macola SCO

Macola SCO, Macola Supply Chain Optimization, provides customized consulting from certified industry experts and extends to all facets of your Supply Chain operations including processes, people and platforms.

Through a series of guided workshops our APICS and Lean Six Sigma certified consultants will help you identify and develop: 

  • Key operational metrics
  • Process improvements and automation opportunities
  • Sourcing and supplier management strategies
  • Cost reduction approaches
  • Customer excellence programs
  • Best-in-class procedures

The definition of success is ever changing. How your organization respond to these demands is critical.  Macola SCO can help. 

Want to learn more about how Macola SCO can help your organization?  

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