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Macola 10 Receives Frost & Sullivan 2017 Product Strategy Leadership Award – ERP for Food and Beverage

Topics: Macola 10, food logistics, supply chain, workflows and document management

Posted on Apr 28, 2017 11:35:35 AM by Jeanne Fox

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Two key challenges food and beverage manufacturers and distributors deal with are frequently changing customer demands and fierce competition ─ a look at jam-packed grocery store shelves confirms this. Food and beverage companies require an ERP solution that enables them to quickly modify processes and scale easily to respond to market trends and customer demands.


Frost & Sullivan is recognizing Macola 10 for addressing the needs of the food and beverage industry and cites several proof points including Macola’s commitment to regularly update the solution with value-added capabilities that help manufacturing and distribution companies stay competitive. Frost & Sullivan’s award description reads: “51 enhancements in Macola’s 10.4 version make the company’s ERP solution one of the most collaborative, integrated, comprehensive, unified, flexible and scalable in the market.”

Personalized Experiences

An example of this flexibility, according to Frost & Sullivan, is Macola 10’s 42 out-of-the-box, role-based workspaces that allow role-specific views into core business functions and activity and process management. Other process enhancements include automated workflow management tools that organize and drive internal business processes, eliminate redundancies, decrease human errors and increase productivity.

Data Visibility

This automation generates robust data to improve decision making and collaboration among a company’s various divisions by aligning the actions and decisions of the entire organization. Managers can collaborate and share data on key performance indicators (KPIs) with suppliers, partners and customers which increases responsiveness and visibility across the supply chain ─ so vital in the food and beverage industry.

Customer Appreciates Data-Driven Insight

Macola customer, food manufacturer, Mezzetta Inc. credits Macola 10 for transforming its processes. “It gives us access to information we didn’t have before, giving assurance about the way we do things. Getting processes that are reliable and robust really are the key benefits for us,” said Don McCall, Mezzetta’s IT Director. “We didn’t go into this to save money; we went into it to get smarter!”

Wise Investment

Frost & Sullivan calls Macola 10’s functionality “unparalleled ─ able to improve a company’s performance.” The organization notes, “Macola has remarkably scaled up its services, helping food and beverage manufacturers increase the speed, accuracy and reliability of doing business in a complex manufacturing environment.”

Learn more in the Frost & Sullivan report  ─ 2017 Best Practices Award: ERP for Food and Beverage — Product Strategy Leadership Award.



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