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End of Life for Windows XP: What Does It Mean for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses?

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Posted on May 6, 2014 9:00:00 AM by Macola

For many years, Windows XP was the go-to operating system for businesses, families and individuals who wanted something stable and easy to work with. In addition to the standard home edition, the “Enterprise Edition” was released, specifically for use by businesses of all sizes. Additionally, since it was such a popular version of the OS, many software designers made certain to include Windows XP functionalitywith each new release.

However, April 2014 marked the “end of life” for Windows XP. If your business still uses XP, here’s what it could mean for you: 


  • Windows XP WON’T suddenly stop working – End of life doesn’t mean you can’t still use the product. There is no magic moment when the product will simply quit functioning.
  • There will be no new updates – What end of life does mean is that Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP, and as such, it will no longer release new updates.
  • No updates means no security – Over time, Windows XP will become less and less secure. More threats occur on a daily basis, and Microsoft will do nothing to help you battle them.
  • Even fewer products will work with XP – Since it is an unsupported system, you will find that more and more products will not work with, or will not support XP. This makes it hard to continue running your business smoothly.
  • Most businesses need to switch – Since the technology is no longer supported, most businesses will find it beneficial to switch to a newer version of Windows. The good news is that many vendors are currently offering discounts and special deals for those looking to update.

If you are still using XP, now may be the time to start shopping for a new system. With today’s technology (such as cloud-based features), you may be impressed by the new generation of operating systems!

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