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Add Speed and Accuracy to Sales Quoting and Product Configurations [Guest Post]

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Posted on Dec 19, 2017 2:15:00 PM by Nick Mears

To complement Macola solutions, we partner with best-in-class third-party providers to offer add-on solutions that integrate with Macola 10, Macola ES and Macola Progression. Today, we are pleased to feature a guest blog post from one of our technology solution partners, Axonom, which offers Powertrak CPQ, a software suite that delivers a single platform to configure make-to-order products, manage pricing and discounts, and prepare quotes with speed, efficiency, and precision—and as a reminder—also integrates with Macola solutions:

Integrating Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Solutions with Macola

CPQ Solution Suite with VR Technology for Macola Users

Axonom has partnered with Macola Software to deliver its comprehensive line of configure, price, quote (CPQ) solutions, including virtual reality technology, to Macola 10, Macola Progression and Macola ES customers.

CPQ software delivers automation tools for sales quoting, ordering, and product configurations. It also helps to maximize sales efficiency by shortening the deal cycle, reducing quote generation time and ensuring ordering accuracy.

With CPQ software, your sales team and channel partners can become self-sufficient, empowered to more successfully sell your products and services. They can also experience productivity gains, have information more readily available for better-informed decisions, and close deals faster by eliminating delays from bottlenecks and manual look-ups for the latest product and pricing information. CPQ software customers have even experienced the following KPI improvements:

• 35% faster quote to cash cycle
• 34% faster deal closure
• 32% faster time to quote
• 27% increase in quote volume

An Inside Look Into Powertrak CPQ

Axonom’s Powertrak CPQ for Macola delivers a single platform to configure make-to-order products, manage pricing and discounts, and prepare quotes with speed, efficiency, and precision.

Enable your sales team to quickly find the right products at the best price that fits the customer's exact needs by leveraging multiple price lists, tiered discounting, optional and bundled products, and alerts to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

The entire Powertrak CPQ suite is now available to Macola 10, Progression, and ES users. Contact a Macola representative to augment your Macola investment with any of the following Powertrak CPQ solutions: standard product configurator with static images, drag-and-drop 2D or 3D product configurator, guided selling, sales and service quoting, pricing management and web portals.

2D and 3D Visual Configurations
Axonom CPQ desktop.jpg

Visual configurators are often used by manufacturers who sell configurable, make-to-order products such as data center racks, CrossFit equipment, heavy machinery, modular building structures and much more.

They use visual configurators not only as a selling tool but also as a means to further showcase their product’s attributes and competitive differences to prospective buyers.

Enrich your prospective buyer’s configuration experience with tools to visualize the product with either 2D drawings or near-realistic 3D models, drag-and-drop interaction with product add-ons, and a real-time shopping cart that updates as new items are added or removed.

Virtual Reality


Powertrak CPQ extends 3D product configurations to virtual reality. Not only can your prospective customers build configurable products and design spaces, but they can also experience them in immersive virtual reality via smartphone VR headsets (Google Cardboard) and/or VR hardware tethered to a machine (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift).

Virtual Reality is an effective tool for businesses to showcase configurable products and room designs at trade shows, conferences, and experience centers. Immersive virtual reality helps convey product attributes and benefits in ways that words and static pictures alone could never achieve.

Powertrak Mobile VR Design Viewer strengthens communication and collaboration between business teams and decision makers on complex product configurations and room layout designs - regardless of geographic location. Teams around the world can leverage Powertrak Mobile VR Design Viewer to make better, faster and more cost-effective decisions by exploring 3D product models and custom designed environments in real-time.

Extend 3D Configurations To Virtual Reality


Zebra Athletics, the world’s leading training facility outfitter and a Macola customer, finds that virtual reality reimagines how martial arts, mixed martial arts, fitness, and yoga facilities are designed. Kyle Fisher, vice president at Zebra Athletics, explains how Powertrak 3D CPQ and VR strips the guesswork out of the opening or redesigning a training facility:

“Zebra puts the freedom to design in the hands of the customer with real-time 3D creation tools. Powertrak 3D CPQ offers visual tools to select, price, and place types of flooring, mats, and equipment in uniquely designed rooms, then experience the facility in smartphone-based virtual reality...explore our most famous designs at events, then configure your own unique design via our website, and then virtually experience it from a mobile device for validation.”

Request More Information or a Product Demonstration

If you would like to learn how to combine Powertrak CPQ and VR in your sales process today:

Learn More

Macola is pleased to share this guest blog post from one of our technology solution partners, Axonom, which offers Powertrak CPQ—a software suite that integrates with Macola solutions and delivers a single platform to configure make-to-order products, manage pricing and discounts, and prepare quotes with speed, efficiency, and precision. Thank you for your interest in this guest blog series. We look forward to sharing future posts from other best-in-class third party providers who offer add-on solutions that integrate with Macola 10.


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