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2017 Business and Technology Trend Reports

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Posted on Jul 19, 2017 2:00:00 PM by Nick Mears

A Survey of Business and Technology Trends in the Manufacturing and Wholesale Industries


Exact, Macola division, recently commissioned a survey on business and technology trends in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries. We are pleased to announce the findings from these surveys.

“Survey Says….” 3 Key Business Takeaways

First, the findings point to optimism from wholesale distribution respondents regarding the perceived impact of the new administration’s plans for trade deregulation on their businesses – with 62% of these respondents anticipating that the plans will be beneficial to their businesses.

Distributors Trend eBook_7.17.17.jpg

Second, it is interesting to note that manufacturers are split, with 50% of respondents from this industry anticipating that the plans will be beneficial to their businesses.

Third, in response to publicly stated pending changes – such as border tariffs, revoking existing trade agreements and a focus on “buying American” – about one third of respondents from both industries have already increased investments in technology and hired more U.S.-based employees.

A few more interesting results:

  • 77% of manufacturers who automated core business processes on average realized stronger 2016 revenue than those who did not
  • 91% of manufacturers are currently using ERP systems and have found it extremely valuable across operations
  • 81% of manufacturers noted that automation has improved employee productivity
  • 97% of wholesale distributors either strongly agree or somewhat agree that business process automation has allowed them to better service customers
  • 92% of wholesale distributors either strongly agree or somewhat agree that Amazon is currently one of the biggest threats to wholesale distributors

Please learn more in the Manufacturing & Wholesale Distribution 2017 Business & Technology Trend Reports.

“Hot or Not.”  9 Key Emerging Technology and IT Trends in the Supply Chain

Since this is such a powerful stat, we need to state it again: 91% of manufacturers and 90% of wholesale distributors are currently using ERP systems and have found it extremely valuable across operations. Also, nearly every respondent indicated the benefits of ERP for document management, automation workflows, business intelligence, process management, CRM, accessibility and real-time data. This comes as no surprise to us, as we have been getting this type of positive feedback regarding the benefits of Macola 10.

Trend Survey infograhpic_7.17.17.jpg

But outside ERP, emerging technology and IT innovations are significantly disrupting business models in the eyes of 70% of wholesale distributors and manufacturers. In fact, survey respondents appear to be embracing the “fourth industrial revolution,” finding value in 3D printing, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), wearables, virtual reality and other tools to their operations.

Lastly, the research also proved that business process automation is a strong value and revenue driver for both wholesale distributors and manufacturers; respondents cited reduced costs, reduced errors, improved visibility and improved customer service as top benefits to automating core business processes.

Please learn about all nine emerging technologies in our newest infographic, Emerging Technology in the Supply Chain: Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors Weigh In.

Webinar: “2017 Business and Technology Trends Survey Results”

In this on demand webinar, we discuss the results of the recent survey of manufacturing and wholesale industries regarding the current business climate and technology trends. Please view the on demand webinar here: 2017 Business and Technology Trends Survey Results.

Webinar -Industry Trends Survey_7.17.17.jpgView the On Demand Webinar

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